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Bibione Thermae, mind and body services

The beneficial properties of the Spas have been known since the ancient times. They are an excellent way to find wellness, preserve and enhance the health and vigour of body.

Spa treatments are treatments with curative purposes, detoxification or rehabilitation services that take advantage of the beneficial effects ofspring water, whose therapeutic properties depend on their constituent elements, including sulphur , iodine, chlorine, iron, calcium and trace elements of other substances, on their natural temperature, from the chemical and physical characteristics and properties.

The method of treatment through thermal waters is defined crenotherapy (from the Greek crene - source) and is divided into two types:internal and external. Internal crenotherapy is carried out through the intake of the mineral water of the spa wellness center, while external crenotherapy, the best known, uses balneotherapy, mudtherapy and caves.

Thermal waters are taken, in fact, both orally and used in the form of baths, mud baths, aerosols and irrigations.

The benefits of the spa go beyond to those specifically regarding the health, investing the individual as a whole psychophysical balance and promoting overall wellness. The therapies, in fact, are received positively by the body, helping to determine the outcome of the diseases and their proper management, even on a psychic level.

Bibione Thermae, one of the most famous Spas in Veneto, is the establishment that offers thermal treatments such as mud and balneotherapy, psychokinesis and rehabilitation treatments, and a wellness area where it is possible to takemassages, Finnish sauna, hamman and beauty services. Combining a beach holiday in Bibione to a cycle of thermal care in this Spa in Veneto is the best way to regenerate the mind and the body from the stress of everyday life, relying on experienced high skilled professional hands.

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