Rheumatic diseases

The main rheumatic diseases treated at the Bibione thermal spa are osteoarthrosis and the other degenerative forms like arthrosis and osteoporosis, as well as extra-articular rheumatisms.

The rheumatic diseases, and in general diseases of the locomotor system, together constitute one of the broadest and most advantageous fields of application of hot spring cures. The fundamental distinction – also for the purposes of prescription – is between degenerative rheumatisms, inflammatory ones and the so-called extra-articular rheumatisms.

  • In the degenerative forms, in which osteoarthrosis is most common, the thermal spa methods can be applied at any time during their chronic course since their effects – analgesic and muscle relaxing – are particularly useful. It follows that the thermal spa cures constitute one of the most effective therapies and most employed of all in their treatment.
  • Inflammatory rheumatisms include quite a heterogeneous group of diseases that go from rheumatoid arthritis to seronegative spondylarthritis and to the microcrystalline arthritides. In these forms the favourable effects of the thermal spa treatments risk being made vain by the prophlogistic action of the heat,which is why they are prescribed only in periods of phlogistic latency (that is, when the inflammation is not acute) of the disease.
  • The same criteria applied to inflammatory rheumatisms also goes for extra-articular rheumatisms that include a generalised form, the so-called fibromyalgia, and many localised forms (periarthritis, bursitis, enthesitis, tendinitis, etc.).

The thermal spa cures employed in the treatment of rheumatic diseases are mud therapy and balneotherapy. Furthermore, spring water constitutes an optimal method for rehabilitative purposes since the favourable effects of immersion are added to the analgesic and muscle relaxing ones due to high temperature.


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