Massage Therapy

Massage therapy completes the effects of crenotherapy (that is, thermal spa cure) and must therefore always follow every heat therapy treatment, like mud and balneotherapy.

Bibione Thermae offers one of the most outstanding massage therapy centres in Veneto, thanks to which you can complete and make more effective the extraordinary therapeutic and wellness programmes with spring water and mud. A real genuine cure-all for body and mind.

According to the classic definition: “the massage is an ensemble of systematic and scientific manoevres performed on the body's tissue through pressure of the masseuse’s hands with the goal of improving general circulation and influencing the nervous and muscular system.”

  • Locally, direct stimulation causes an increase in the venous and lymphatic return, also determining an increase in the arterial afflux with improvement of the trophism of soft tissue and mobilisation of the fluids accumulated.
  • On the skin, the massage gets rid of flaking cells and increases the general state of nutrition (trophism) making it more elastic.
  • Most of the manoeuvres are performed centripetally to improve the venous and lymphatic return.
  • The masseuse uses oils and creams to avoid cutaneous abrasions and irritations and painful pulling of hairs.
  • The duration and number of sessions varies based on the disease, the zone to be treated and the responsiveness of the individual treated.

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