Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy

Bibione Thermae is a renowned physical therapy centre in Veneto where you can get rehabilitation therapies and thermal spa cures. The Physiokinetic therapy centre is specialised in posttraumatic, surgical and pathological recovery of neurological and motor skills, and it avails of highly qualified personnel.

The brand-new hydrokinetic therapy department at the Bibione thermal spa exploits the synergy between hot spring water (35°) and conventional physiokinetic therapy. The Bibione thermal spa are becoming more and more popular for physical therapy and orthopaedic, neurological and postsurgery rehabilitation for different orthopaedics departments in the Triveneto region. Indeed, many are the hospitals that recommend their patients with orthopaedic diseases, or after surgeries, undergo a rehabilitative cycle in spring water at the Veneto rehabilitation and physical therapy centre in Bibione. The patients are cared for by personnel with specific qualifications, like physical therapists and rehabilitation therapists that apply treatment programmes prescribed by physiatricians or orthopaedists.

So besides the classic treatments applied at the physiokinetic therapy department you can - by prescription only - undergo treatments that combine both active and passive aided exercises, to be done in thermal spa pools equipped with specific aids. At the rehabilitation and physical therapy centres that use spring water, the benefits that patients draw are sometimes greater than those obtained with other types of non-water treatments, above all cutting normal recovery time. These rehabilitative interventions that involve a gentler approach in the effort demanded of the patient that does the exercises are based on the principle that the body immersed in water loses its weight, since the force of gravity is contrasted and annulled by the hydrostatic thrust.

The remarkable neuromuscular stimulation acts involving not just a single area or single muscle, but the entire organism. Long experience matured in this field today has proved that the use of spring water is an irreplaceable component in the rehabilitative field and complementary to other rehabilitative and physical therapy approaches. The Bibione Thermae physiokinetic therapy department is equipped with devices used to do electrotherapy like magnetic therapy, laser therapy, diathermy, etc. In addition to physical therapy you can receive various massage techniques like: manual, decompressive therapeutic, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage and craniosacral. And at a gym equipped for rehabilitation, you can do vertebral gymnastics, posture exercises, orthopaedic kinesiotherapy and neuromotor rehabilitation. Among the patients treated at the Veneto rehabilitation centre in Bibione Thermae, most are those with osteoarthrosis, which requires specific treatments after having gone through hip or knee prosthesis surgery to recover movement that has long been impeded, and above all, adequate muscle tone. Similar considerations may be made for patients with disc diseases who have had surgery.

For inflammatory rheumatism, the rehabilitative treatments are particularly recommended for types that involve the spinal column, and therefore for ankylosing spondylitis or for other seronegative types. In these cases the opportunity to do adequate kinesiotherapy is fundamental to reduce stiffness, and the thermal spa pool, especially for the beneficial muscle relaxing effect of the hot water, is an optimal environment for putting it in action.

Even recovery of articular excursion in other inflammatory rheumatisms like extra-articular ones located (scapulo-humeral periarthritis, etc.) is greatly facilitated by the exercises done in thermal spa pools, allowing that functional “restitutio ad integrum” that is the final goal of the treatment, with the additional advantage of preventing inflammatory attack relapses.

An ever increasingly important chapter in thermal spa rehabilitation is that of recovery of athletes after traumas of the locomotor system, given how widespread the practice of both amateur and professional sports is. Thanks to the cures at the Veneto physical therapy centre, the athletes with sprains and dislocated joints, muscle tears, broken bones and other traumas of the locomotor system, can heal faster because since they can take advantage of the kinesiotherapy done in the thermal spa pool.

Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy