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At the Bibione Thermae thermal spa centre in Veneto you can try different treatments for your psychological and physical well-being: Watsu, craniosacral therapy and reflexology.


Watsu ®
In 1980 Harold Dull started to apply lengthenings and pressures from the Zen Shiatsu he learned in Japan in hot water.
According to traditional Chinese medicine the organism’s state of health is linked to the constant flow of Ki, the vital energy, down the system of meridian channels, along which the acupuncture points are found. The action of the water can reestablish this circulation, remove blocks and re-equilibrate it. With the Watsu treatment, available at our thermal spa centre in Veneto, we can notice our tensions and surrender to the warmth of the water, let ourselves flow freely in the stability of being able to lean on the therapist, rocking and following the undulating movement of the breath.
The benefits for the locomotor system: decrease in muscle tension, increase in articular excursion and improvement of posture. The breathing rhythm benefits. The backbone can finally flow freely like it did in the dawn of time, like that of an aquatic creature, free from mechanical or emotional obstacles. New information “passes” through us, a subtle flow kicks in: while the body changes, even the mind changes, shifts into a “state of calm” where, alert and serene, you can observe the sensations that reach the body, and above all, those that arrive from within. States of anxiety and stress benefit from the encounter with our inner energies.
The Watsu treatment available at the Bibione Thermae centre in Veneto is performed by therapists specialised in springs water at about 34°-35°C.


Craniosacral therapy
Our Veneto thermal spa centre offers its guests a cranio-sacral therapy whose name comes from the bones associated with the nervous system which include those of the cranium, face and mouth that make up the skull. the spinal column up to the sacrum.
The therapy is a technique of manipulation with light palpation, delicate and noninvasive, performed by a specialised therapist. The craniosacral system is directly in contact with the brain and the spine marrow and influences its activity (movement coordination, correct posture, respiration, digestion, cardiac activity, glandular activity, etc.). An alteration in the rhythm of the meninges that make up the system can cause disorders of the entire organism.
Craniosacral therapy restores normal operation of the system, restoring movement to the membrane and cranial bones. You can easily see how craniosacral therapy can be an adjuvant to other therapies and be effective in fighting many health problems like: joint stiffness, chronic pain, headaches, cervical and back pain, dysfunctions of the temporomandibular joint, chronic fatigue, allergies, anxiety, depression, insomnia, emotional problems and post trauma.
A craniosacral therapy at the Veneto Bibione Thermae lasts for about one hour.


Reflexology on the foot is a method where particular emphasis is placed on the analogical correspondence between the different zones of the body and the reflexological parts of the foot.
The assumption it’s based on the notion that you can stimulate certain zones of the body by manipulating corresponding areas of the foot. Reflexology is founded on a holistic approach in the sense that it takes into consideration the entire human being in its totality and integrity and that in the reflexes of the foot it sees the manifestation of the person’s general equilibrium and disequilibrium, and by manipulating these reflexes attempts to set off a process of general healing and inner change and evolution.
If a system, an organ, any structure of the organism whatsoever does not work or simply functions poorly, there is no harmony; sooner or later the consequences are felt in the breaking of the energy equilibrium, with suffering or disease.
The professional reflexologist’s job is not to cure the disease, but to put the organism in optimal conditions to reactivate itself energetically. It is a technique that can really help maintain and restore physical well-being.

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