Hydrokinetic Therapy

The hydrokinetic therapy department at the Bibione thermal spa exploits the synergy between hot spring water (35°) and conventional rehabilitation. This type of rehabilitation is suitable in cases of posttraumatic, degenerative chronic and postsurgery disorders.

Below is a breakdown of the different treatment cycles performed at the excellent Veneto hydrokinetic therapy centre in Bibione:

  • orthopaedic hydrokinetic therapy in thermal spa pool;
  • neuromotor hydrokinetic therapy in thermal spa pool with physical therapist in the water;
  • paediatric hydrokinetic therapy in thermal spa pool with physical therapist in the water;
  • group orthopaedic hydrokinetic therapy (2/3 people) in thermal spa pool.


Hydrokinetic therapy is rehabilitative gymnastics in spring water performed by physical therapists specialised in the area of specific personalised rehabilitation protocols with re-educational aims applied in orthopaedic, rheumatic and neurological treatment of adult and paediatric diseases.

Exercise in hot water made easy and pain-free because you exert effort without weight; thanks to the reduction of the effects of gravity it allows the client to gain awareness of the motor potential of his or her joints, relaxes his or her muscles, not feel pain and work remarkably increasing mobility. The use of water for therapeutic purposes allows you to speed up recovery time for posttraumatic (contusions, tendon and ligament lesions), postsurgery (ligament reconstructions, meniscectomy, hip, knee, shoulder replacement), rheumatological-degenerative and neurological disorders. The aquatic experience involves the intellective, psychological, sensory and motor spheres, bringing the client to experience rehabilitation as a source of pleasure and well-being.



Orthopaedic diseases like:

  • post-traumatic: contusions, outcomes of fractures, tendon muscle lesions, ligament reconstruction, sprains and dislocations);
  • postsurgery: outcomes of replacements, hernia repairs, vertebral stabilisations;
  • arthrosis-osteoporosis;
  • rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic diseases.


Neurological pathologies of type:

  • outcomes of stroke;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • muscular dystrophy;
  • paraplegia;
  • cerebellar syndromes.
  • infantile cerebral paralysis


Oncological diseases like:

  • outcomes of mastectomy/quadrantectomy surgery


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