Specialist Doctor’s Appointments

Availing of avant-garde technical equipment, the specialist doctors of Bibione Thermae perform specialist doctor’s appointments and diagnostic exams

Specialist Doctor’s Appointments

- diet consultancy
- aesthetic doctor's appointment
- cardiac doctor’s appointment
- Vascular doctor’s appointment with Eco colour Doppler graph
- dermatological doctor’s appointment
- physiatric doctor’s appointment
- orthopaedic doctor's appointment
- otorhinolaryngology doctor’s appointment
- pneumology doctor’s appointment

We should mention some particularly equipped clinics for some of the most requested types of specialist doctor's appointments: the vascular clinic equipped with a Echo colour Doppler, the orthopaedic clinic, the nutrition clinic with programmes for personalised diet and the diagnosis of food intolerances, the pneumology clinic with spirometer and exercise test, the cardiology clinic with computerised ECG, the otorhinolaryngology clinic equipped with a silent cabin, impedance testing, audiometer, rhinomanometer and instruments for nasal and laryngeal endoscopy.

Each patient has characteristics that make him or her unique; to this regard the role of the thermal spa doctor is of fundamental importance, having to personalise the cure based on the clinical exam and the particular characteristics of the individual so that he or she can gain the maximum benefits possible.

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