Quite often the description for mud therapy is associated with that of balneotherapy, so in these cases the complete cycle is defined mud-balneotherapy. After applying the mud and taking the cleansing shower, you emerge yourself directly in the thermal spa bath for a little under 15 minutes and the benefits of the mud are amplified and integrated by the benefits of the elements that make up the spring water.

It is a cycle of cures that is advisable especially for treatment of arthrosis and fibromyalgia, but also to fix extra-articular rheumatism and traumas on muscles, tendons and joints and to more rapidly regain energy in the event of stress disorders.

Treatments must not be provided to individuals with heart disease, circulatory disease, renal insufficiency, epilepsy, neoplasia and diseases in which there is an endocrine decompensation. Thanks to the joint action of mud and spring water, the mud-balneotherapy has a relaxing, analgesic and sedative effect on tissue.

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