Otorhinolaryngoiatric Cures

A centre of excellence for otorhinolaryngoiatric cures in Veneto, at Bibione Thermae you can do inhalation therapies like aerosol, inhalations, nasal irrigations, nebulisation and micronised nasal showers, as well as endotympanic and politzer insufflations using sulfurous spring water.

The otorhinolaryngoiatric cures are particularly advisable for children and adults that suffer from rhinogenous deafness. The endotympanic therapies are associated with inhalation treatment with sodium bicarbonate water, since the diseases of the middle ear and tube are closely linked to that of the nose and the pharynx.



Endotympanic insufflations

These endotympanic insufflations are part of the cycle of treatments that, performed by specialised personnel, are reserved to all those patients that suffer from rhinogenous deafness.That is, that have to deal with a set of pathological situations that determine a loss of hearing due to inflammatory processes of the rhinopharynx, the eustachian tube and the middle ear. The otorhinolaryngoiatric cures are provided using sulfurous mineral water to which you can add an inhalation therapy among those above.


For kids, it is done with the politzer.

Crenotherapic politzer

The crenotherapic politzer is a treatment analogous to insufflation and consists in the application of a nasal olive into a nostril, keeping the other nostril and mouth closed. Making the child swallow rhythmically, the vaporised spring water penetrates the eardrum through the eustachian tube and clears it up. The information given on the website does not in any case replace the clinical consultancy provided by your own general physician or specialist. So we always recommend consulting your own general physician.

The content of the website is solely to describe and provide information of a general nature.

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