Respiratory Rehabilitation

The inhalation therapies can be paired with pulmonary ventilation in the event of bronchial disease with signs of partial bronchial obstruction due to a spasm of the bronchial muscle in the presence of phlogosis or an abundant bronchial secretion.

To go through respiratory rehabilitation cycles in Veneto, the Bibione thermal spa is an authoritative and recommended hub.

Pulmonary ventilation has the aim of recovering and improving respiratory function through a mechanical and pharmacological action on the farthest branching structures of the bronchi. Since bronchopneumonial patients generally do not breathe correctly, it is often useful to associate the pulmonary ventilation and inhalation treatments with “respiratory gymnastics” or “postural drainage”, which are done by qualified personnel.



Pulmonary ventilations

Particularly suitable for bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive bronchopneumopathies, pulmonary ventilations are given following the instructions of the specialist also with the aid of a spirometric exam that helps assess the respiratory function. These cures are associated to two types of inhalation therapies.
For these patients "Bibione Thermae" also offers major respiratory rehabilitation programmes that set the goal of working on breathing errors, adjusting its rhythm and frequency. Furthermore, expanding the excursions of the diaphragm, they let you improve the mobility of the rib cage recovering elasticity through relaxation and lengthening of the respiratory muscles, intervening in breathing and thus encouraging drainage of the bronchial secretions.


Postural drainage

Particularly advisable for bronchiectasis Postural drainage consists in making the patient take on a certain position in order to encourage outflow of the secretions from the different areas of the lungs. Particularly advisable for bronchiectasis Drainage is done with vibrating shaking, with compression of the wall of the thorax in breathing out and percussion of the thoracic wall using the hand shaped like a cup in order to obtain detachment of the secretions from the bronchial walls.


Respiratory gymnastics

This is a sequence of manoeuvres performed to improve the way the lungs breathe, which allows exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood. Just breathing correctly provides the blood the proper amount of oxygen. Respiratory gymnastics brings the patient numerous benefits like the increase in the quantity of air sent into the lungs and their complete re-expansion. It allows you to gradually regain respiratory muscle tone and facilitate the removal of mucus from the bronchi.


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Respiratory Rehabilitation REGULAR Rate CYCLE Rate 6 CYCLE Rate 12
Pulmonary ventilation € 18,00 € 99,00 € 189,00
Individual respiratory gymnastics € 46,00 € 253,00 € 483,00
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