Thermal spa Establishment Regulations

BIBIONE THERMAE pursues the objective of curing and preventing diseases for which the thermal spa environment can offer a beneficial therapy.

It avails of the collaboration of doctors and specialised workers that always work while keeping in mind the goal to be achieved, which is improvement of the quality of life of the people that undergo the various cures following the principles above, in compliance with the criteria of equality and recognising the rights of the sick, at the same time asking all guests to respect others being cured at the facility and to respect the work of the operators.
The regulations, updated every time it is necessary, are made available to all to be read and followed.


Thermal spa establishment regulations General rules:

  1. The checkup for admission to the thermal spa cures is mandatory. The time schedule is on the sign hanging in the establishment’s entrance.
  2. Those being cured must scrupulously follow the therapy programmes prescribed by the thermal spa’ doctor and do any diagnostic exams required for certain treatment cycles.
  3. To get effective therapeutic results, those being cured must do treatment cycles of at least two weeks.
  4. You must not undergo cures if you are on an empty stomach from the night before. It is recommended to have breakfast in the morning drinking tea or coffee together with food that can rapidly be digested and provide an adequate amount of energy like fruit marmalade or honey. It’s a good idea not to drink milk or yogurt that take a long time to digest, or to eat them at least two hours before the cures.
  5. During the first days of cure due to the direct influence of the thermal spa therapy, slight subjective disturbances may manifest themselves (“thermal spa crisis”); in this case the individual being cured must go to the thermal spa’ health personnel for the proper checkup and treatment of the symptom.
  6. To do mud-balneotherapy it is required to use clean slippers suitable for the pool. It is required to take a shower and wear a cap before getting into the pool.
  7. After having finished the grotto therapy or mud-balneotherapy, it is necessary that those being cured wait for at least 20 minutes in a suitable environment to allow for an adequate development of the “reaction phase”, which is an integral part of the treatment.
  8. It is necessary to reduce physical exercise and sun exposure during the treatment period.
  9. To avoid disrupting other spa-goers or the proper operation of the treatment facilities, we ask that you follow the established hours.
  10. It is prohibited to smoke in the thermal spa centre.
  11. In the treatment department is prohibited to use cell phones which must stay off and stored in the designated lockers.
  12. Those being cured and those attending the thermal spa establishment must wear clothing and behave in a manner appropriate to the thermal spa environment.
    In the departments you must be quiet out of respect for those who are undergoing cures.
  13. To avoid inconveniences among patients that take turns doing the same balneotherapy, mud therapy and massage therapy thermal spa cures, please be punctual for your appointment.


General Information:
a) Constant health service is provided for those who do the thermal spa cures, active during the treatment hours. The emergency room is equipped with the necessary devices and drugs. For any requests or needs related to healthcare you can turn to the designated personnel in the different departments that will directly contact the medical personnel. b) To reserve cures, specialist doctor’s appointments, diagnostic and instrumental exams or to reserve further treatments, you can turn directly to the designated admission personnel.