There are no age limits for access to pools, but for children under 3 years it is a must to wear a restraining bathing suit.

In usual cases 12 treatments are included in two consecutive weeks, for people who can not stay for so long, we have made 6 cycles of treatment carried out in a week.

For the following therapies and services telephone booking is required:
- Mud application;
- Therapeutic baths;
- Massages;
- Physio kinetoterapy care;
- Endotympanic and Politzer inflations;
- Pulmonary ventilation;
- Specialistic visits and diagnosis.

The thermal waters of Bibione have obtained recognition for their therapeutic efficacy for the treatment of the following diseases:

Rheumatic and orthopedic diseases:
- Osteoarthritis and other degenerative diseases
- Non-articular rheumatism

• balneotherapy Cycle (12 baths);

• mud-bath therapy Cycle (12 + 12 mud baths);

• mud with shower rinsing Cycle (12 mud baths).

Vascular Diseases:
- Sequelae of chronic venous diseases

• Treatment system for peripheral vascular diseases (12 bathrooms with whirlpool tub with ozone or path, electrocardiogram, blood tests, Doppler imaging studies).

ENT Diseases
- Vasomotor rhinitis (allergic and non allergic)
- Chronic sinusitis
- Chronic catarrhal otitis
- Chronic pharyngo-laryngitis
- Tubal stenosis

• inhalation treatment Cycle (12 + 12 followed with therapies on medical inhalations, nasal spray, oral spray, nasal irrigation, sonic aerosol, aerosol and ionic sprays);

• cycle for the cure of deafness (12 endotympanic breaths or Crenotherapic Politzer + 12 inhalations and audiometry).

Respiratory Diseases
- Chronic rhinosinusitis- bronchial syndromes
- Simple chronic bronchitis or accompanied by an obstructive component (excluding asthma and advanced emphysema, complicated by severe respiratory failure or cor pulmonale)

• Series of integrated treatment of controlled pulmonary ventilation (12 pulmonary ventilation, 12 aerosols, 6 inhalations);

• Cycle of inhalation treatment (12 + 12 inhalations of medical indication).