Regulation pools

The Department has prepared a regulation for access and use of swimming pools that are exposed before entering the locker rooms and relaxation spaces inside the pool.

A) For Users:

Article. 1 - The pools and spa area are available at the times shown to the public entrance to the pools.
Article. 2 - It is recommended to leave an interval of at least three hours between meals and bathing.
Article. 3 - It is compulsory to shower before entering the locker room area swimming pools and wellness area.
Article. 4 - The costume should be decent by law. For the custom sauna it is required to be preferably cotton.
Article. 5 - You must wear headset in the pool.
Article. 6 - Swimmers entering the pool and wellness area must be free of infectious, contagious or, injury, or open wounds or illness which, in the opinion of competent staff, are incompatible with the use of the pools and wellness area.
Article. 7 - The Management has the right at all times to refer visitors to medical examination.
Article. 8 – You will not be allowed access to the swimming pool and wellness area if in state of intoxication. Guests will be sent out at any time for misconduct in pools and out and will not be entitled to a refund of the entrance ticket.
Article. 9 - The management reserves the right to refuse access to the swimming pool and wellness area, even if they have membership cards to those who disturb the peace and decorum of the environment.
Article. 10 - It is forbidden to enter the pools and wellness area barefoot or wearing walking shoes, use of plastic or rubber slippers is required, suitable for swimming and to be used exclusively for these environments. sneakers are permitted only for service personnel.
Article. 11 - The Department is not liable for damages for theft, destruction and deterioration of the things (money, securities, valuables, clothing and more) taken in the premises or outside the pools and / or stored in the lockers. For the money, documents and valueables mini boxes are available.
Article. 12 - The Management assumes no further responsibility for any accident or injury to persons or things that happened in the pool and wellness area caused by the carelessness of the guests.
Article. 13 - Diving, thrusts and jumping into the water from the edges of swimming pools can be dangerous and is prohibited.
Article. 14 - It is prohibited for swimmers to us fins, masks, blankets, dinghies or anything else the management or anything staff on duty may consider dangerous to people in the pool. It is not allowed in the pools to use glass or ceramic objects or other objects that could be dangerous.
Article. 15 – You are not allowed to go underwater diving.
Article. 16 - It is recommended not to remain for a continuous period of more than 20 minutes in the thermal bath and in particular in the whirlpool. To do saunas and salt and herbel cabins you must respect alerts and recommendations outlined in the appropriate signs. In any case the guests can contact the personnel for any clarifications or explanations.
Article. 17 - Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the pool and wellness area in accordance with Law No Article 3. 51 16th January 2003. and subsequent modifications and additions.
Article. 18 - For reasons of hygiene it is forbidden to take food and beverages in areas adjacent to pools and relaxation areas. It is forbidden to consume food and beverages brought from outside in the pool / bar area, wellness area and SPA.
Article. 19 - The passes are valid for one year from the date of purchase.
Article. 20 - For children younger than 3 years is required to wear appropriate restraints swim suits in the pool.
Article. 21 - In case of maximum attendance it is possible that there aren't enough sunbeds for all guests present in the structure; or temporary closure of the entrances.