The thermal indoor and outdoor pools

In a large sunny area overlooking the sea, the indoor thermal spa pool has a waterfall, hydro massages, geyser and against current course.

Its peculiar shape with the inside part connected to the outside one and the 33° - 34° water let you enjoy evocative outdoor bathing even during the winter season.

The pool for adults is 1.4 m deep and has a temperature of 33°-34°C both inside and outside so that even on cold winter days you can enjoy the green of the park while staying immersed in the hot water and it is equipped with mushrooms with jets of water, geysers, waterfalls, beds with hydromassage and against current courses.

It is required for both adults and kids to use a cap and the children up to three years old must wear the ad hoc containment swimsuit.

In the thermal spa pool area it is also required to use anti-slip slippers to use exclusively in this environment. There are poolside beds where you can relax between one bath and the next, while if you go upstairs you can go to the snack bar for a snack in your robe. In the splendid and spacious tree-lined yard around the outdoor pool you can get a tan or rest in the shade of a plant or an umbrella, immersed in nature and breathing in the sea air.


General Information: Management has set in place regulations for use of the pools which are posted by the entrance to the locker rooms and in the relaxation areas of the pools.

IMPORTANT:Slippers, caps, towels, goggles, bracers, containment diapers, swimsuits, etc. are on sale at the pool’s cash registers.


Indoor and outdoor thermal spa pools
(first floor of the building no. 4 thermal spa pools)

09/01 - 31/03

OPEN daily from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.

SATURDAY OPEN from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

SUNDAY OPEN from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.


OPEN TUESDAY 01/11/2022

(exit from the swimming pool area half an hour before closing time)

Entrance tickets are NOT reserved.

from MONDAY 3 OCTOBER 2022 until FRIDAY 31 MARCH 2023 the Outdoor Pool will be closed..


FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY SINGLE Entry kids 2-4 years old kids 5-12 years old  adults              
Entry 3 hours € 8,00 €   16,00 € 21,00
Entry 4 hours € 8,00 €   17,00 € 23,00
Over 4 hours € 8,00 €   21,00 € 27,00
Children up to two years (not completed) do not pay admission

SATURDAY, SUNDAY AND HOLIDAYS SINGLE Entry kids 2-4 years old kids 5-12 years old  adults              
Entry 3 hours € 8,00 €   20,00 € 25,00
Entry 4 hours € 8,00 €   22,00 € 28,00
Over 4 hours € 8,00 €   28,00 € 34,00
Children up to two years (not completed) do not pay admission

SUBSCRIPTIONS kids 2-4 years old kids 5-12 years old adults
6 Entries € 44,00 €  94,00 € 127,00
12 Entries € 84,00 €  179,00 € 242,00
For kids up to three years old it is REQUIRED to use the containment swimsuit Subscriptions are name-specific and are valid for a year THIS PRICELIST AND THE HOURS MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE DURING THE COURSE OF THE YEAR
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