Beauty and Tanning Services

Peaceful oasis of wellness and relaxation in Bibione Thermae sets new standards in beauty services combined with seaside amenities. Our thermal center blends high quality facilities for tanning, dedicated rooms for waxing, manicure, pedicure, facial rituals and cutting-edge equipment for latest face and body treatments.

Bibione Thermae offers its authentic and well-equipped wellness space for first-class beauty services capable to rejuvenate your body completely and restore your emotional balance with freshness and enthusiasm. Particular set of curing procedures improves, rejuvenates and restores health of the skin also correcting defects and imperfections on face and body skin.

Modern technologies and powerful treatments combined with local traditions and use of unique, natural and safe products allow Bibione Thermae cosmetologists develop complex beauty programs and customized therapies in line with individual needs of each client.

Discover more about Bibione Thermae beauty services choosing between tanning, waxing, manicure, facial treatments, face and body techniques to experience new level of spa and wellness next to splendid beach of iconic seaside resort.