Here are the dates of prescriptive, contraindications, and helpful advice for the proper use of equipment for tanning.


• People who are under 18 years;

• People who have a predisposition to freckles;

• People whose natural hair color is red;

• People who have abnormal discolored patches on the skin;

• People who have more than 16 moles in (with a diameter of 2 mm or greater) on the body;

• People who have atypical moles (atypical moles are defined as asymmetric with a diameter greater than 5 mm with variable pigmentation and borders in case of doubt consult your doctor);

• People who suffer from sunburn and / or who burn easily when exposed to sunlight;

• People who are unable to tan, or who can not tan without getting burned when you expose to the sun;

• People who have a history of frequent and significant sunburn during childhood;

• People with even in the past, of skin cancer or predisposed to it;

• People who have a first degree relative with a history of melanoma;

• People being treated for disease involving sensitivity to light;

• People receiving care photos sensitizing drugs or antibiotics;

• People in pregnancy.


• The non-users, especially children, should not be present while the device is in operation;

• Exhibits must not exceed the minimum erythemal dose (MED) staff. In the case in which appears an erythema (redness of the skin) after hours from any exposure, should be avoided more exposures. After a week, you can resume with the start of the exhibition program of exposure;

• The UV devices should not be used if there are unexpected side effects such as itching, within 48 hours after the first session, you should consult your doctor before going out again;

• The solar ultraviolet radiation or UV devices can cause damage to the skin or eyes, which may be irreversible. These biological effects depend on the quality and quantity of radiation, as well as by skin sensitivity of the individual;

• The skin may be burned after excessive exposure. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet solar radiation and UV devices can lead to premature skin aging, as well as increased risk of skin cancer. These risks become greater with increasing cumulative exposure to UV rays.

• Exposure at an early age increases the risk of skin damage in the future;

• The unprotected eye may develop surface inflammation and, in some cases, you may have damage to the retina after excessive exposure. Repeated exposure may develop cataracts;

• In case of pronounced individual sensitivity or allergic reaction to ultraviolet radiation, it is best to consult a doctor before exposure;

• Do not expose yourself immediately after hair removal treatments;

• At the end of a tanning session, we recommend using a cream or lotion.


• Always use the protective goggles provided. Contact lenses and sunglasses are not substitutes for protective eyewear;

• make-up off thoroughly before going out and do not apply creams or products that accelerate the tanning process;

• Certain health conditions or side effects of certain drugs may be aggravated by exposure to ultraviolet rays. If in doubt, consult your doctor;

• Pass at least 48 h between exposures and the next;

• Do not sunbathe or use the device on the same day;

• Follow all recommendations regarding the duration of exposure, the interval between exposure and the other and the distance from the lamp;

• Consult your doctor if you develop persistent skin lumps, sores, or if there are no changes in the pigment;

• Protect sensitive parts of the skin such as scars, tattoos, or genital herpes.



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