Peat treatment

A complete ritual consisting of a massage treatment highly effective against imperfections like cellulite, fat deposits, sagging skin, etc.
Draining and toning.


Bibione Thermae SPA (Beauty farm)
(third floor of building no. 4 thermal spa pools)

From 5 November to 5 December it is closed.

The new season will open on December 6th.


SPA Speciality WATER line NATURE line TECHNICAL line  
Speciality E Clay and Green Algae € 70,00      
Speciality E Blue Algae Wrap € 70,00      
Speciality E Kelp Concentrate € 70,00      
Speciality E Saline Treatment € 65,00      
Speciality E Super Active Lipolytic-drainage Bandage     € 75,00  
Speciality E Cold White Mud     € 75,00  
Speciality E Hot Compress with Lipo-reducing Enzymes   € 65,00    
Peat treatment - body       € 75,00
Other services Body