Herbal biosauna for a “light” dry steam bath at a temperature of 70°C and 40% humidity, generated by dried and dampened herbs paired with essential oils.






The biosauna is a medium steam bath with an inside temperature that reaches 70/75°C and with humidity between 40 and 50%.

It is a “light” sauna, advisable for those who don’t tolerate the high temperatures of traditional saunas. A compromise between a dry Finnish sauna and steam baths, that is, the wet sauna. The steam is generated by the dried and dampened herbs to which essential oils are added.


The beneficial effects obtained by this sauna, also called sanarium, are:

  • increased resistance to leaps in temperature
  • strengthening of the immune system
  • improvement of microcirculation
  • improvement of radiance of the skin.

Plus, it is quite effective in curing insomnia, muscle pain and rheumatic pain and in clearing and purifying the airways. In addition to the medium-dry heat and steam the herbs also yield benefits: relaxation and revitalisation.
Since the body heats up more gently and slowly, without suffering excessive stress, at our spa even those who have a hard time tolerating saunas can fully enjoy the excellent benefits of this regenerating treatment for an intense, profound and total well-being.

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