Finnish saunas

Finnish sauna for a traditional exudative and detoxifying dry steam bath at over 90°C.






Dry steam “bath” with a temperature between 90 and 100°C and a humidity between 10 and 15%, the Finnish sauna generates major skin transpiration, has remarkable relaxing and detoxifying properties, helps expel toxins and acids from the body by sweating and makes skin more elastic.

Also, it increases the immune defenses and the metabolism, encouraging circulation, reducing stress, rheumatic and muscle tensions and leads to a condition of profound well-being. The heat and steam inside the Finnish sauna envelop the body and the senses, the breath becomes calmer and relaxed and the body regenerates itself. Alternating this beneficial dry sauna with a cold shower and a hot herbal tea to sip while completely relaxing, you’ll feel as if you were reborn and profoundly relaxed.

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